Musician photography: Nora Augustine

Nora Augustine is a singer-songwriter. Her music is mainly influenced by the 1970 to 1980 Rock’n’Roll music and American Folk. Accampanied by her band the songs show a wide range from highly energetic and powerful to introverted and soft.
These influences show up also in her personal styling. Nora preferes vintage clothes and elements of the hippie movement.

The Use Of Contrasting Colors

The full body shot is a great opportunity to take a look at Nora’s clothes. She decided to wear a long dark blue skirt with a design that reminds of the night-time sky. She combines the skirt with a big belt that beautifully shapes her waist and a maritim, folky, hippieish blouse.
To get less distracted from the many colors that happen in the background I decided to edit the picture with the two contrasting colors: purple sky and yellow flowers.


Adding Depth and Warmth

Shooting through the flowers adds depth to the shot which I personally like a lot. It guides the viewer’s eye to the focussed area and in this case it creates a mysterious mood to the image which goes perfectly with Nora’s music. By editing the greens to a warmer yellow the image transportes happy homely summer vibes.


Dark And Moody

Our last stop was in an urban public garden where I discoverd some sun flowers.
In the editing process I darkened the color blue and added more saturation to it. Then I toned the yellow’s more orange. Finally I darkened and desaturated the green’s to make the pictures moody.

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